The goals of the Northern California Asian Peace Officers Association:

  • Community Service to individuals, groups, and non-profit organizations
  • Establish a representative body to work with the Asian-American communities in Northern California to provide assistance and information through activities, programs, and services that are cultural, educational, recreational, and vocational.
  • Cooperating with other Law Enforcement Associations and with other organizations having objectives similar or related to those of this Association.
  • Recruitment and Career Development
  • The Association shall strive to provide outreach and assistance in the forms of mentoring, counseling, or providing workshops to those preparing for a career in law enforcement or seeking promotional advancement.
  • The Association shall promote the hiring and promotional opportunities for Asian Americans in law enforcement.


  • The Association shall provide a Scholarship in conjunction with the trustees of the Ronald Tsukamoto Memorial Fund in honor and memory of Berkeley Police Officer Ronald T. Tsukamoto to full-time college students interested in a career in the field of law enforcement and/or related fields with consideration to demonstrated financial need.
    • The Scholarship is provided in part by The Ronald Tsukamoto Memorial Scholarship Fund. The dollar amount granted and the number of scholarships presented each year is determined by the NCAPOA Scholarship committee, (with the approval of the NCAPOA Executive board), and the trustees of The Ronald Tsukamoto Memorial Scholarship Fund.
    • Selection is bestowed to deserving full-time college students pursuing a career within the law enforcement field demonstrating financial need.
    • The selection process will be comprised of:
      • written application
      • interview
    • Scholarships are awarded on a one-time basis per recipient. A scholarship recipient from any previous years may not reapply.
    • The NCAPOA Scholarship Committee’s decision is final and not subject to appeal by applicants.

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